About us

Improving design and performance

The idea to build a portable Squeeze Laser

The team spent over a decade working in their laboratory to perfect the laser's design, performance, stability and efficiency.

In 2020, the team decided to commercialize their groundbreaking research by building a portable Squeeze Laser. 

Funding via Germany's EXIST research transfer program

First prototype of a commercial Squeeze Laser

Being the key to advancement in quantum technologies, the German government funds further steps to commercialize the Squeeze Laser.

Within the EXIST program, the team develops its first production series and enters the market.

Hello World

Launching Noisy Labs

Today, we see a constant stream of new applications for Squeeze Lasers in quantum sensing, quantum computing as well as quantum communications.

Noisy Labs continues to push the boundaries of science and innovation, with a range of products and services that are changing the world.

Our leadership team

Dr. Axel Schönbeck

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jan Südbeck

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jascha Zander

Chief Engineering Officer

Dieter Berz-Vöge

Chief Financial Officer

Prof. Dr. Roman Schnabel

Non-executive Board Member