User Stories

Prof. Dr. Lukas Nowotny and PD Dr. Martin Frimmer, both ETH Zurich

"The team of Noisy Labs is incredibly driven and pro-active. They have provided us with a state-of-the art source of squeezed light and were extremely helpful to integrate it into our setup. We are very excited to now look into our experimental data together with them."

Prof. Dr. Lukas Novotny and PD Dr. Martin Frimmer at ETH Zürich are leading experts in quantum optomechanics and are running experiments to examine levitated nano-dumbbells captured in an optical trap. The rotational motion of these particles is heavily influenced by vacuum fluctuations. Squeezed light can be used to control this influence and may provide an avenue towards measurements beyond the standard quantum limit using levitated particles as torque transducers. Having the experimental expertise and technologies to examine levitated nano-dumbbells, the group at ETH was lacking a source for squeezed states of light. In a joint effort, the team of Noisy Labs, during that time at the University of Hamburg, provided a source for squeezed light that was integrated in the setup in Zürich. Experiments are currently performed and processing of the data is in progress.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Rembe, Clausthal University of Technology

"For me it is always impressive to see the effects of entanglement to the measurement noise in our experiments. It is a kind of magic. I am glad that we are lucky enough to have the master magicians as partner in our research."

Prof. Dr. Christiam Rembe is a renowned expert in the field of Laser Doppler Vibrometry. This technology is well established in the industry to measure the vibration of various objects, ranging from MEMS and tiny cantilevers to the doors of cars and even bridges. The devices are operated at 1550 nm most often and eye safety is crucial, thus restricting the maximal optical power that can be used to 10mW, limiting the signal-to-noise ratio that can be achieved in the measurements.
To surpass these limits, Prof. Dr. Rembe and his team, together with the University of Hamburg and Co-Founders of Noisy Labs integrated squeezed light into Laser Doppler Vibrometers and proved that these quantum states also help to improve a well-established technological platform.

Prof. Dr. Fabio Sciarrino, Sapienza University Rome

"Thanks to the prompt and precious support of the team of Noisy Labs, we have been able to enter into the world of continuous variable (CV) photonics quantum information processing.  We are now ready to provide our first achievements in the field  of CV quantum metrology. This would have been unfeasible without their contributions"

Prof. Dr. Fabio Sciarrino is leading the quantum metrology efforts at La Sapienza university in Rome. Having a conventional laser system optimized for this at his hands, he requires a dedicated squeezed light source for his experiments. The team of Noisy Labs, while still working at the university of Hamburg, joined forces with the group of Prof. Dr. Fabio Scarrino and provided dedicated equipment for his experimental efforts in 2022 and 2023. Today, Prof. Sciarrino has everything that is needed to generate and detect >9dB of squeezed light in his labs and is working on the first experiments and publications.